Pacific Biomedical | Healthcare service provider Kuala Lumpur
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Our Solutions

Biomedical Technical Expertise

Biomedical maintenance & repair

We are able to maintain and repair specific life threatening medical equipment and wide range of general medical equipment. We are trusted with cutting-edge equipment, including movable and unmovable infrastructures.

Installation, Reinstallation & Equipment Relocation

End-to-end support and solutions for the installation and reinstallation of equipment and relocation of infrastructures.

Diagnostics, Testing & Commissioning

Advanced testing tools are utilised to ensure all equipment specifications meet required standards. As such, we serve the technical needs of hospitals and medical facilities where equipment calibration is required for the smooth functioning of medical devices.

Philips Cardiac Monitoring System

All level support from software to hardware.


Servicing and repairing.


Servicing and repairing.

Anaesthesia Machine

Servicing and repairing.


In addition to medical equipment specialist, we advise and recommend the best, most suitable product for our existing and potential domestic clients for their use within their respective healthcare practices.


We supply range of medical equipment batteries and accessories.


A. DT-100 Thermometer with infrared ray (details & spec to be provided)

B. DT-060 Thermometer with infrared ray (details & spec to be provided)


A. SUPiA computed radiography digital x-ray (details & spec to be provided)

M.I One

A. Insight-I full-HD endoscopic camera system (details & spec to be provided)

B. Insight-One All-in-one full HD endoscopic dual camera system (details & spec to be provided­)


A. CPR Band for training (details & spec to be provided)

Medical Technology Consultancy & Project Management

Large-scale projects rely on medical technology expertise. We understand the consultation for the planning, management and upgrading of new hospital equipment and facilities. Our professionals are commissioned to these projects for budgeting, inventory management and equipment standardisation.

Medical Equipment Planner
Procurement Team
Medical Equipment Team
Asset Management